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HR Systems Audit & Assessment
     New laws, regulations, court decisions and the stimulus package, as well as dramatic changes in the labor market, have placed extraordinary burdens on HR over the past several months. An objective third-party perspective is offered to update your HR systems and bring them into compliance, as well as in tune with “best principles.” Audits are also useful in determining training needs, or as a “due diligence” in acquisitions or mergers. 

Organizational Development & Effectiveness
     Does your organizational structure maximize employee performance and the development of talent on a sustained basis? Does it foster fulfillment of your corporate mission and vision? Is it flexible enough to anticipate and react to the changing dynamics of the marketplace? Services include staff utilization assessments, succession planning, employee communications, strategic planning, among others. 

​Employee Surveys, Focus Groups & Exit Interviews
     Periodic employee surveys or focus groups can serve as valuable measurements in even the best of times. Stresses in today’s workplace make it even more critical that management understand and react to the impact on their workers. These surveys and regular exit interviews also test the effectiveness of your employee communications systems and help identify any vulnerability to union organization. 

Union Relations/Avoidance Strategies
   For employers with existing union relationships, we can assist you in developing appropriate bargaining strategies, provide support in contract negotiations, assist in grievance handling and arbitration and conduct supervisory training.
   For those vulnerable to a union organizing drive, we can assist in the development and implementation of effective preventative strategies that can be taken now. 

Compensation/Performance Management
     A rational and competitive wage and salary system supports an organizational culture that fosters performance; attracts and retains the best talent available. The need to build in equity and performance-based rationality into a compensation system has never been as critical as it is in today’s uncertain economy. Elements include an assessment of your current system and job classifications, selected competitive market pricing surveys, a fine-tuning of salary and wage ranges, development of variable performance-based incentive systems, and more.

Handbooks/HR Manuals
     An effective Employee Handbook is the best format to communicate your philosophy, mission and values, as well as necessary benefits and employment information and policies; as well as meeting your legal and regulatory communication obligations. We can also offer a legal review by an employment law attorney of the handbook, or its modifications.
     A companion HR Policy and Procedures Manual that compiles all appropriate forms, procedures and practices in one location can be a useful tool for those charged with HR administration and is easy to keep up to date.

Retained Services & Helpline Support
     Put professional HR support just a phone call or e-mail away to help your own staff keep issues small and manageable. With a retained services relationship, the meter does not run when problems are addressed through our Helpline. Any off-line services are charged at a discounted rate against the retainer. These arrangements also include our HR Subscription Service at no extra charge.
   LOOMIS Associates offers a full range of Human Resources and Performance Management services. Brief summaries of many, but not all, of our services are shown below. More detailed program descriptions are available for most upon request. Our services are tailored as much as possible to each client’s own culture, circumstances and priorities:
     Poor (or unprepared) supervision is often cited as the reason good people leave. It’s also the most prevalent factor in union organizing and in discrimination claims. The basic “tools of the trade” for supervising people are not passed on with the title of “manager.” In-house and multi-employer programs are available that will cover the fundamentals of communication, legal and policy compliance, delegation, performance management and others. Scheduling can be arranged with minimal operational disruption.
     One-on-one Coaching can also be a significant part of a management development plan and a follow-up to performance assessments. As a compliment to group training programs, coaching can identify and address specific traits the individual manager needs for successful performance.

     A burden is often placed on in-house staff to create and regularly publish a newsletters for employees, clients or the public. Those responsible for its production often have to take time from other duties and their already-busy schedules. Publication targets can slip, or be missed altogether, as other priorities arise. 
     LOOMIS Associates is pleased to offer an out-sourced solution-–one that will produce a newsletter on time and in the most cost-effective manner. We also will design, edit and publish your annual report--no flash but plenty of substance.
     Please give us a call to see what we’re already doing for other clients and explore how we can best satisfy this important need.